Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision Systems

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  • Enable performance.
  • Inspire Potential
  • Experience the Difference.

Zebra's Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Systems are ready to help automate key supply chain processes, from the creation of products on the production line through storage in the warehouse to fulfillment in the distribution center.

  • One Software Platform to Manage the Entire Portfolio.
  • Easy to Add Features with Additional Licensing.
  • Easy to Setup, Deploy, and Run.
  • Dual Ethernet Options
  • Capture up to 16 Images in a Single Trigger Event each with Its Own Settings for Focus, Exposure Gain,& Illumination Control

The entire Zebra line was built from the ground up with the customer’s needs in mind. The software is made to adapt for future business needs and changing customer demands. With Zebra, you have a completely scalable path to new functionality in order to maximize the value of your purchase!