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Omron CJ1W-DA021 Analog IO Unit

Product Code: CJ 2 Point Analog Output Unit

CJ1WDA021, CJ1W-DA021, CJ1W DA021, Omron Analog IO Unit

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CJ PLC- Analog IO Units

Analog I/O Units CJ2H CJ2M series plc.

CJ1 offers a wide choice of analog input units, fit for any application, from low-speed, multi-channel temperature measurement to high-speed, high-accuracy data acquisition. Analog outputs can be used for accurate control or external indication.

Advanced units with built-in scaling, filtering and alarm functions reduce the need for complex PLC programming. High-accuracy process I/O units support an extensive range of sensors, for fast and accurate data acquisition. Temperature control units relieve the PLC CPU of PID calculations and alarm monitoring. These functions are handled autonomously by the unit, offering control performance and autotuning functions similar to stand-alone temperature controllers.

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