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Barcode Grading

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Let King Barcode Verify Your Barcodes

Don’t have the ability of grading your GS-1 barcodes? Don’t worry, King Barcode can help. King Barcode has GS1 certified equipment in-house that can test and validate your barcodes.


King Barcode has calibrated ISO-compliant verifiers, and we can grade all types of 1D and 2D barcodes. (including GS-1)


We will use leading edge Omron Verifiers and will let you know the grade of your barcodes (4.0 (A) down to a 0 (F) and provide suggestions w/improvements to make sure that all future barcodes will scan the first time, every time.



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Barcode Grade Parameters

The parameters that a barcode grader measures depend upon the symbology.  For example, verifiers for 1D linear barcodes should test nine quality parameters according to ISO/ANSI specification. These are: